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"How To Build 6-7 Figure Coaching Business "

From Elena Daccus 
London, UK 

Building business is tough...

there is so much overwhelm...

so much information to learn, to master...

 Facebook ads, Funnels, Social Media Strategies, Pinterest, Sales, High Ticket, Value Ladders, Traffic...

It takes so much time...

There is so much to do, content, emails, your social media, your sales pages, your lead generation, client meetings....

 And that feeling like you have to be ON all the time ... otherwise your whole business will crumble and NO income will come tomorrow? ...  

I will never forget that day …

I was in the middle of very heavy work season, client meetings, preparing for a huge launch coming up , my team is asking tons of questions …

I am also taking three courses that I absolutely need for my business right now, group coaching program and usual meeting with my mentor …

And then on that Monday I paid $399 for a live summit … I a got a nanny to pick up my kids from school, rearranged my meetings …

I am sitting in this live Summit that is 7 hours long!

Where presenters are busy stroking their own ego… making themselves feel important. 

My kids are banging the door, they are hungry, nanny does not know what to do… they start screaming ..

I can’t leave this summit as I will be locked out…

and presenter goes on and on, talking about some generic stuff, I heard million times before… not applicable for my coaching business …. 

Kids scream louder and louder, my heart is pumping, head spinning, palms sweating and I start shouting .......

  Just give me the nugget, just tell me what I need to do to grow my business right now so I can go and feed my kids…...  

This is why we have create this amazing Business Training for you...

What if we can get all the top world class specialist experts together 

And in four days give you everything you need to scale your business … no fluff, no bs, just real tried and tested strategies that work right now… 

So you can stop buying multiple courses, books, videos and start executing. 

And the best thing you can watch it when the kids are in bed…

We have done the hard work for you … when you join you get access to personal course area with all the world class experts strategies that you can use over and over again … 

refer to it again and again.. all at your fingertips.

No more overwhelm, stress, spending hours in learning and thousands of cost….

 now you can turn decades into days, stop wasting time and start actually implementing immediately! 

And seeing cash flooding in your bank account and hearing that nonstop sweat sounding noise of Stripe and PayPal notifications…. That keeps coming and coming in 24 hours a day …

"Imagine having everything you need 

to create Jaw Dropping coaching business in one place!"

You see for the last 20 years I have been buying and selling companies like yours, I have done over 50 deals worth up to $10 billion of dollars..

I have been coaching CEOs and Founders along side that....

I know what really works and what does not...

why one company on the surface looks great, lots of followers, fame.... 

but if you look inside the founder actually is taking little cash home,

 trapped by the business and cant even take a vacation without working... 

it is easy to make $100k from a launch...when they have spent $200k to make that... but THEY are not telling you that bit.... Do they?

I am a Mom of two young boys and I know that at home you are not replaceable... 

I know you want to create a massive financial freedom, have meaning to your work and spend more time with your family...

That is why I created this for you...

What if there was a way to create consistent jaw dropping profits without overwhelm?
...what if there was a way to condense your learning to just few hours 

and learn from the world best experts all in one place? 

.... And what if there was a way to keep that training FOREVER

 and refer to it when you need to use it? 

  • ​​You can keep ALL the training FOREVER 
  • ​Learn from WORLD best experts in one place
  • ​Watch it again at your CONVENIENCE
  • ​​Watch it again when you need to implement each STRATEGY
  • ​​Have everything you need to create 6-7 figure coaching business at your fingertips 
  • ​PLUS so much more...

"Here is what You get"

6-7 Figure Coaching Business Blueprint 
Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With
Coaching Business Scaling Secrets

6-7 Figure Coaching Business Blueprint ($15000 Value)
Lifetime Access to 20+ hours of on-demand training from world class experts is the shortcut to know exactly what to do to scale your business super fast which lets you have everything you will ever need in one place. So you can relax and breathe freely as your constant search is over you will have clarity of all your next steps to have the life you and your family deserve to have.

For Only $97.00
Yes... for about the price of a ZARA dress you can get access to a framework that took our experts combined over 40 years to create... 

YES ELENA! Give Me VIP Access To The LIFETIME Access to Scale Secrets Training RIGHT NOW For Just $97.00 !
Build Jaw Dropping Coaching Business (Without Overwhelm, Burn Out, Sacrifice Precious Time With Your Family!)
  • ​Helps You Make More Sales 
  • ​Create Profitable Funnel Strategy 
  • ​Have Your Social Media Strategy Sorted in 2 hours
  • ​Saves Hours in Learning 
  • ​Helps To Have Everything You Need In One Place 
  • ​Avoid Wasting Thousands on Expensive Course 
  • ​Learn from The World Best Experts 
  • ​Save Thousands on Expensive Graphic Designers
When You Get Your Copy Of "Scale Secrets Summit"(For Just $97.00)
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - The Powerhouse CEO Plan 
Personal Powerhouse CEO Plan 
Total Value: $4500
This Personal 1-1 Implementation Strategy Session holds the keys for you to gain complete clarity how to implement the strategies learned during the summit in your specific business ... start scaling your business immediately with complete clarity and ease and stop wasting money and time on training that does not work or does not apply to your specific needs.
Get This For FREE When You Order ' VIP All Access Pass to Scale Secrets Summit' Today! 
Bonus #2
Social Media Radical Time-Saver 
"Social Media Radical Time Saver"
Total Value: $547
This Professionally Designed 100 Done for You Social Media Templates hold the secret for you to create months of social media content in just couple of hours and create outrageously beautiful content that will look like you hired an expensive graphic designer and literally save HUNDREDS of hours of design work in CANVA so you'll now be able to spend with your family instead.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'VIP All Access Pass To Scale Secrets Summit' Today! 
Bonus #3 - Professional Social Media Carousels 
"Professional Social Media Carousels"
Total Value: $197
This Professionally Designed Social Media Carousels makes it easy for you to up level your social media content in minutes .
Gain more followers, more engagement with your content .
Save hours of work in CANVA so you can focus spend that time with your family instead without guilt.

Get This For FREE When You Order ''VIP All Access Pass to Scale Secrets Summit' Today! 
Where Is The Catch?
At this point you might be thinking "This sounds great, but there's gotta be a catch, right?"

There's no catch!

I'm doing this because I want to blow you away with VALUE  and help you make more Real Money, Create Massive Impact,  so you want to work with us again and again, as we get results for you.

All you need to do is get your Pass Now and You will get All 20+ Hours of Training To keep forever after the Summit PLUS Outstanding Bonuses. 

Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
Now, this Summit All Access Pass offer can't last forever... So don't wait!

This Offer is Only Available to First 100 People .... As We Would Not Be Able to Accommodate The Personal Service and Unprecedented Personal Powerhouse CEO Plan for everyone... It Is Just Not Feasible ...

So Act quickly and don't miss out..

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
And, if for any reason you don't love it, I'll refund your money and you can still keep access to the Summit All Access Pass and get value from it in the future..

Say What? Yes you heard me right....

I am here to build a long term relationship with you that is what I care about... I want to support women like you to live the life of Your Dreams... 

That is my Mission and My Purpose... That is The Meaning I Have Always Searched For...and that is the meaning I have Found 

You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order VIP All Access Pass.
YES ELENA! Give Me VIP All Access Pass To Scale Secrets Summit And Bonuses For Just $97.00 !
  Lifetime Access To 20+ Hours of Business Training (Value $15 457)
  Full Access To "The Powerhouse CEO Plan"  (Value $4500)
  Full Access "Social Media Radical Time Saver"(Value $547)
  Full Access "Professional Social Media Carousels"(Value $197)
Total Value: $20,700
Today Just $97
Ok with all that said. I hope you enjoy the Summit, and in four days will have the certainty and confidence to CRUSH it!

Sending you lots of love,
Elena Daccus 
P.S. Bottom Line Is The World Needs What You Have To Offer, Your Drive Is There For A Reason.... Your Work Must Reach More People ... But You Know Better Than Anyone That Doing It Alone Will Not Work, However With Support Your Are UNSTOPPABLE!

Can't Wait To See Your JAW DROPPING Success!
YES ELENA! Give Me Instant Access To 'VIP ALL ACCESS PASS' RIGHT NOW For Just $97.00 !
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Everything Your Going To Get
  • Lifetime Access To 20+ Hours of Business Training (Value $15 457)
  • Full Access To "The Powerhouse CEO Plan" (Value $4500)
  • ​Full Access "Social Media Radical Time Saver"(Value $547)
  •   Full Access "Professional Social Media Carousels"(Value $197)
Total Value: $20,700
Today Just $97

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $47: Scale Secrets Summit Companion. This Workbook gives you the keys to capture your personal implementation plan and have it recorded in one place. Develop your personal plan of action and start executing immediately. Relax as you will have complete clarity of all your next steps to freedom and jaw dropping profits.

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